Time to Automate!

So, we’re still waiting for the window company to come out and take a look at what can be done with the window that helped to leak water into a huge Bubbalicious sized bubble in my daughter’s room, so while that whole mess is being sorted out, I thought I’d take the time to talk about this crazy harsh winter we’re having. Over the last three weeks, it feels like it’s just been constantly snowing. It snows, then it freezes, then it’s a pain in the butt to do anything with the snow because it’s actually ice at this point, and then it finally melts and is sunny for one day, and then it snows again. It’s just been brutal.

I’ve been hesitant to use too much salt on the snow/ice/yuck as of yet, just because I haven’t done enough research to see what kind of negative effects ice can have on walkways, driveways and homes in general. I need to do some research on it, but my thought is that it will be okay as long as you aren’t overusing the stuff too much. I’m also hesitant to use it though, because then it’s just one more thing that you’re tracking inside the house. You all know I just had my carpets cleaned, and though I know they’ll get dirty, it kills me to think that I’ll be tracking salt, grime and mud all over the new carpet.

I know what you’re thinking, but even if you take your shoes off at the door, stuff happens. If I don’t do it, my kiddo will, that is a guarantee! Perhaps the real takeaway from this is that in the future, I should try to schedule my bi-annual carpet cleaning to bookend the snowy season. I know I’m probably overthinking this, but getting carpet cleaning, house cleaning, yard work and etc on a schedule, it’ll all get lost in the stacks.

So yeah, this harsh winter is making me realize the need to automate my home cleaning and get organized with this stuff as soon as humanly possible. With that said, I’m off to read up on some home organizing tips!


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Homeownership is fun

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to owning a home. Take for instance yesterday. My wife and I are putting our two year old to bed when I notice a large water bubble in the wall. In. The. Wall. Clearly that’s not supposed to happen, nor is it a good thing. Common? Sure. But not good. Turns out my windows had frozen on the inside at night, and during the day, were thawing and draining down to the sill, and running off the corner to the wall. Imagine a large white bubble that was perfectly shaped like a perfect watermelon. But it was filled with water. Yup, that was what I saw at 9pm at night. And this is what it looks like today, clearly moving down the wall, and into the floor. Yippee.

Feuchte Wandecke

First action was simply to poke a hole in the massive water paint balloon, and while holding an entire closet full of towels at the bottom of the wall, pushing on the bubble until all of the nasty paint/water/goo combo had drained out. This enabled me to peel the paint off the wall, and make sure that the water did not sit in there any further.

Next, I took two large beach towels and ran them the length of the window sill to make sure that no more water would coagulate at the edges and run down the wall like a world class sprinter. This worked well, but the damage had already been done to the dry wall in the corners, so that unfortunately needs to be replaced. Just another thing to do in this house that was built in 1981. If only the previous owners had done a semi-decent job of caring for it before we became the homeowners.

The other casualty of this situation is that so much water and paint fell on the ground that we have to get the carpets cleaned. Again. So add at least another hundred bucks onto the ever growing tab.

The one good thing that will come out of this is that we might get new free windows with free installation, since they are under warranty. Backstory – Lomax Windows, a local shop in Fort Collins, CO came out to install Milgard windows about a year ago. There was an issue installing them since it was so cold out, and the windows might not have adhered correctly. Therefore the issue might exist with the ice forming on the inside, and they’re coming out to check on it next week. Pretty cool if you ask me. But we’ll see what they say.

Trials and tribulations of being a homeowner. Before you buy a home, you gotta realize that it’s not really an investment, because any money that you’re making off the equity is being easily pumped into maintain the roof over your head. Fact.

Happy New Year

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Buy Your Loved Ones a Break This Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! I don’t know about you, but even though Christmas has become this commercialized behemoth of a holiday, I still look forward to it almost as much as I did when I was a kid. If you can do your darndest to avoid the traps of all the Muzak, the Macy’s “Blowout Specials” and all of the negative, soul sucking hoopla, Christmas can still truly be awesome.

The potential problem with Christmas lies in the idea that we should just buy, buy, buy, just for the sake of buying. You go to Target or Wal Mart, stroll down the toy aisle and find something shiny to buy for someone – you’re not sure who yet, but someone needs that new Velociraptor Transformer toy, right? OF COURSE THEY DO! THIS IS CHRISTMAS!

No. No, no, no, no. Sure, one of the main ideas of Christmas is to give, not to get, but this idea gets lost when you’re buying something random just to check a person off your list, or if you’re reaching out to your sister in-law asking “what could you use this year?” Do you want to reclaim Christmas and go back to a time when giving a gift really meant something? So do I!

So this year, when you’re thinking of all the people you want to buy gifts, think of what that person could really use in their life. You could make something, anything! A homemade gift, even if it’s not all that well made (but it’s clear that you tried!) will be remembered and appreciated way more than if you just go and grab the same old gift certificate to Sport Authority so he can get his yearly new pair of shoes.

My recommendation? Take some of the burden off of your loved ones, and buy them the present of an organized home, a clean and detailed car, a freshly cleaned carpet, or any other home service that people just hate doing themselves. Imagine the gratitude you will be showered with when your mother opens that huge box that couldn’t contain anything other than a new vacuum cleaner, only to find a tiny but powerful gift certificate for 5 hours of gardening work by her local garden center. Watch that smile slowly slide onto her face as she imagines herself drinking mimosas out on the patio, reading a book while she saves 5 hours’ worth of knee aches. I’m telling you, you just can’t go wrong with this idea.

If you think it over and still want to buy that Velociraptor Transformer, I won’t blame you. I want one too.



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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone reading this (all 3 of you! ;)) had terrific, fun, family filled Thanksgivings. I got to spend turkey day with my mom, brother and other family for the first time in years, which is one of the fringe benefits of moving back to Colorado after so long. They live in Boulder, so I headed down there for the long weekend and hung out in my old stomping grounds for the first time in a while.

It was great to see the family. We ate way, way too much food, watched a ton of football and just relaxed. I honestly feel like I shed several pounds of stress from my shoulders. That relaxation was very, very needed. I’m hoping that I can try to host Thanksgiving next year, but I may have to wait one more year or so – we’ll see. I want my place to be all put together and looking great before I host any huge family functions. Clearly, family functions are a different sort of ballgame than throwing a raging house party. I still have beer bottles that need to be recycled from that messy night.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about what I should do on this blog, and my experience with cleaning up after the party a few weeks back gave me an idea for it. As I’m figuring out everything associated with owning a house, I think I’m going to document the whole process. From shopping for faucet fixtures and kitchen towels to choosing contractors and cleaning the carpets, you’ll find the details here. I know that may be boring to some people, but I think it’ll be kind of interesting and certainly could be helpful to people who are going through the same situation. Stay tuned for more!

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Holiday Party Postmortem

Welcome to the inaugural post on my new blog! I can’t promise anything good, as I have a massive hangover, which is to be expected after the crazy house party I threw last night. To all of those who came and got down and dirty, thanks! It was a great time, and I can’t wait for the next one.

I woke up this morning with a huge, gargantuan hangover. It was the stuff of legends. We all dipped pretty hard into the Bulleit Bourbon last night, so that hangover was to be expected, but hot damn my head hurts!

If there’s one truth to house parties, it’s that people really let their guard down. The beer was flowing, the bourbon was going fast and people got rowdy in a hurry. So it was no surprise when I woke up today and my house was in shambles. Utter. Disaster. Beer pong sure is fun, but damn, it makes a mess!

I’m talking bottles and cans everywhere, stains on my couches, food and gunk mashed into my carpet. I honestly wanted to cry. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to clean up the place along. My awesome roommates were there to help, and for the wine stains and gunk I called the carpet cleaners as I just don’t have the proper tools to take care of these. You have to take care of these issues quickly, or they’ll just be there forever.

Fortunately for me, the company I use was able to hook me up with a last minute appointment for this afternoon, so as I write this I’m sitting on my cleaned couch, happy as hell that the cleaning ordeal is over. The company I use specializes in commercial carpet cleaning, which is one of the reasons I use them. My thought is that if they clean restaurants and businesses’ floors well, a simple 3 bedroom home must be a walk in the park for them.

I got a pretty good deal, as they cleaned the carpet but threw in the upholstery cleaning for my couch free of charge. The guy who came said it was a pretty minimal wine stain, so he didn’t charge me. That was smart on his end too, as I’ll definitely use them again. Between them and my awesome friends, the place is finally clean.

Anyhoo, now my hangover is starting to go away thanks to some greasy Chinese food (General Tso’s is my jam!) and a little hair of the dog. I can’t believe there was even any whiskey left over – I thought we burned through it all last night, but I guess people got so lit up that they couldn’t find the bottle right in front of their noses. Thank god though, there’s nothing that cures hangovers like the hair of the dog that chased you. I wonder where that expression came from.

Aight, I’m going to go out and go for a walk and try to find something to do. I spent so much time prepping for this party that I need to get out for a bit. Sorry if this post is boring – I’ll try to spice it up in the weeks, months and years to come!




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Hello world!

I guess now I have to start blogging. Okay then.

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