Buy Your Loved Ones a Break This Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! I don’t know about you, but even though Christmas has become this commercialized behemoth of a holiday, I still look forward to it almost as much as I did when I was a kid. If you can do your darndest to avoid the traps of all the Muzak, the Macy’s “Blowout Specials” and all of the negative, soul sucking hoopla, Christmas can still truly be awesome.

The potential problem with Christmas lies in the idea that we should just buy, buy, buy, just for the sake of buying. You go to Target or Wal Mart, stroll down the toy aisle and find something shiny to buy for someone – you’re not sure who yet, but someone needs that new Velociraptor Transformer toy, right? OF COURSE THEY DO! THIS IS CHRISTMAS!

No. No, no, no, no. Sure, one of the main ideas of Christmas is to give, not to get, but this idea gets lost when you’re buying something random just to check a person off your list, or if you’re reaching out to your sister in-law asking “what could you use this year?” Do you want to reclaim Christmas and go back to a time when giving a gift really meant something? So do I!

So this year, when you’re thinking of all the people you want to buy gifts, think of what that person could really use in their life. You could make something, anything! A homemade gift, even if it’s not all that well made (but it’s clear that you tried!) will be remembered and appreciated way more than if you just go and grab the same old gift certificate to Sport Authority so he can get his yearly new pair of shoes.

My recommendation? Take some of the burden off of your loved ones, and buy them the present of an organized home, a clean and detailed car, a freshly cleaned carpet, or any other home service that people just hate doing themselves. Imagine the gratitude you will be showered with when your mother opens that huge box that couldn’t contain anything other than a new vacuum cleaner, only to find a tiny but powerful gift certificate for 5 hours of gardening work by her local garden center. Watch that smile slowly slide onto her face as she imagines herself drinking mimosas out on the patio, reading a book while she saves 5 hours’ worth of knee aches. I’m telling you, you just can’t go wrong with this idea.

If you think it over and still want to buy that Velociraptor Transformer, I won’t blame you. I want one too.



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