Homeownership is fun

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to owning a home. Take for instance yesterday. My wife and I are putting our two year old to bed when I notice a large water bubble in the wall. In. The. Wall. Clearly that’s not supposed to happen, nor is it a good thing. Common? Sure. But not good. Turns out my windows had frozen on the inside at night, and during the day, were thawing and draining down to the sill, and running off the corner to the wall. Imagine a large white bubble that was perfectly shaped like a perfect watermelon. But it was filled with water. Yup, that was what I saw at 9pm at night. And this is what it looks like today, clearly moving down the wall, and into the floor. Yippee.

Feuchte Wandecke

First action was simply to poke a hole in the massive water paint balloon, and while holding an entire closet full of towels at the bottom of the wall, pushing on the bubble until all of the nasty paint/water/goo combo had drained out. This enabled me to peel the paint off the wall, and make sure that the water did not sit in there any further.

Next, I took two large beach towels and ran them the length of the window sill to make sure that no more water would coagulate at the edges and run down the wall like a world class sprinter. This worked well, but the damage had already been done to the dry wall in the corners, so that unfortunately needs to be replaced. Just another thing to do in this house that was built in 1981. If only the previous owners had done a semi-decent job of caring for it before we became the homeowners.

The other casualty of this situation is that so much water and paint fell on the ground that we have to get the carpets cleaned. Again. So add at least another hundred bucks onto the ever growing tab.

The one good thing that will come out of this is that we might get new free windows with free installation, since they are under warranty. Backstory – Lomax Windows, a local shop in Fort Collins, CO came out to install Milgard windows about a year ago. There was an issue installing them since it was so cold out, and the windows might not have adhered correctly. Therefore the issue might exist with the ice forming on the inside, and they’re coming out to check on it next week. Pretty cool if you ask me. But we’ll see what they say.

Trials and tribulations of being a homeowner. Before you buy a home, you gotta realize that it’s not really an investment, because any money that you’re making off the equity is being easily pumped into maintain the roof over your head. Fact.

Happy New Year

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