Time to Automate!

So, we’re still waiting for the window company to come out and take a look at what can be done with the window that helped to leak water into a huge Bubbalicious sized bubble in my daughter’s room, so while that whole mess is being sorted out, I thought I’d take the time to talk about this crazy harsh winter we’re having. Over the last three weeks, it feels like it’s just been constantly snowing. It snows, then it freezes, then it’s a pain in the butt to do anything with the snow because it’s actually ice at this point, and then it finally melts and is sunny for one day, and then it snows again. It’s just been brutal.

I’ve been hesitant to use too much salt on the snow/ice/yuck as of yet, just because I haven’t done enough research to see what kind of negative effects ice can have on walkways, driveways and homes in general. I need to do some research on it, but my thought is that it will be okay as long as you aren’t overusing the stuff too much. I’m also hesitant to use it though, because then it’s just one more thing that you’re tracking inside the house. You all know I just had my carpets cleaned, and though I know they’ll get dirty, it kills me to think that I’ll be tracking salt, grime and mud all over the new carpet.

I know what you’re thinking, but even if you take your shoes off at the door, stuff happens. If I don’t do it, my kiddo will, that is a guarantee! Perhaps the real takeaway from this is that in the future, I should try to schedule my bi-annual carpet cleaning to bookend the snowy season. I know I’m probably overthinking this, but getting carpet cleaning, house cleaning, yard work and etc on a schedule, it’ll all get lost in the stacks.

So yeah, this harsh winter is making me realize the need to automate my home cleaning and get organized with this stuff as soon as humanly possible. With that said, I’m off to read up on some home organizing tips!


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